Siting & Development
Mayflower Clean Energy Center
Siting & Development

GreatPoint Energy's "solids to pipeline quality natural gas" approach offers a lower cost, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient way to move energy than through transmission of electricity, giving GreatPoint Energy a competitive advantage over other technologies, including conventional gasification, which are typically focused on power generation.

Because bluegas™ technology does not rely on adjacent power generation to be viable, GreatPoint Energy can strategically site projects in optimal locations capturing such advantages as:

    -   low-cost feedstock supply without the need for expensive and logistically challenging rail transport;
    -   access to natural gas pipeline infrastructure to ship to the most
favorable market;
    -   proximity to depleted oil and gas fields suitable for gas storage and enhanced oil recovery to enable market arbitrage and drive additional revenue from CO2 sales; and
    -   faster permitting and construction due to remote proximity of sites to
populated areas.

In the event carbon regulations come into effect in the U.S., as is expected, GreatPoint Energy believes that the flexibility to site near either EOR opportunities or formations suitable for geologic sequestration will provide a significant additional competitive advantage.

GreatPoint Energy is taking a disciplined and risk-managed approach to the commercialization of its technology in order to rapidly develop full-scale commercial projects. The Company is currently developing its first commercial project. Additional projects sites in the early stages of development are being secured in attractive locations.

GreatPoint Energy's long-term goal is to be a significant natural gas producer in each of the markets in which it participates, particularly in the U.S. and China. The Company plans to produce 1 billion cubic feet per day (BCFD) of equity gas from multiple large-scale bluegas™ facilities operating or under construction by 2022.